Paint or pictures, which is more important?



They both matter, but for completely different reasons. Pictures provide the first impression for perspective buyers as they browse for properties to tour. Great pictures that help properties stand out can increase showings (assuming the pricing is not inappropriately high). Good paint brings that first impression home when it delivers on the expectations buyers formed from the pictures. Buyers experience a real letdown when they approach a showing after seeing fabulous photos and reading a flowery write-up just to find that it was all an illusion. Pictures tell lies, not intentionally, but professional photography taken with a proper lens and lighting can make anything look perfect. Are you getting lots of showings but no offers? Perhaps your paint doesn’t match your pictures (or your price).

Pictures = Everything that goes into marketing your property, the virtual appearance of your home.
Paint = Paint, floors, finishing touches and overall condition, the actual physical appearance of your home.

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